About us

About us

The company is founded in 2015, with people who have expertise for a long time in this branch.

Our managers:.
Jeannette Agterberg linkedin  is already working for 30 years in the hotel cleaning branch.  She did the start-up of the cleaning department in several hotels.
Paschalis Gemenetzis linkedin has for more than 10 years’ experience in service.

The main drivers  of Care Cleaning & Services  are discipline, leadership, knowledge and communication.
We believe in short communications lines, so we always work with the same contact persons to build a long-term relationship with your company.

Care Cleaning & services main business is to deliver high qualified cleaning business in Hotels.
The cleaning ‘package’ contains not only cleaning but also all kind of related cleaning work.

We stand for high quality-service- and customer satisfaction. Your customer should feel themselves at home in a clean hotel room!

Your customers will always be our focus point, due to a friendly,  qualified and service related approach. Our personnel  extent hospitality. We know, better than anyone, that small things make the difference.

Our performance and friendly behaviour of our employees are important parts of our hospitality; representative closing, a smile ,paying attention and offering help are in our opinion normal behaviour.

That is way our good price and quality are in balance with the service we offer.

We have developed, based on our own experience in the hotel branch, a quality control system, to guarantee you the quality and service we agreed on.